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AV sample. featuring Yesca Mazatlan, Sinaloa. From Vj Thai to Yesca. 


THAI FHAI featured PLAYLIST_ Monterrey, AV memories by Media Selectah & friends

A videoPLAYLIST with selected material from the archives of Monterrey city & Media Selectah. VISIONS & MEMORIES of artists & happennings, live shows, electronic culture, urban art, parties, vj sets, discotechs, documentaries, and other stuff.

Featuring_ Easy Star All Stars, Hextatic, Sistema Local, VjThai, Toy Selectah, Chico Sonido, Havana Bistro Bar, DUBCLUBMTY, Fidencio, Los Contratistas, Museo Marco, Kid Loco, Yesca, Deep Dish, TEP, Soldados del Reyno, Marrano Rosa, Suite3, Museo del Palacio de Gobierno, FORUM, Parque Fundidora, Museo del Vidrio, AKBAL Lounge, La Galería Café…

WATCH THE COMPLETE PLAYLIST here, with 23 videos for now.

Duration:  1hr50.