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Next WORKSHOP by Media Selectah focuses on the possibilities of interactions between Video and Performing Arts as an introduction, and visual culture education.  
Next  SUMMER Workshop by Media Selectah´s favorite lady VjThai @ Marco Museum of Contemporary Art.
Don´t miss it!
Here is the event on Facebook:
TODAY is the last session of our Summer Workshop: Introduction to Videoart @ Museo Marco.
In this picture VjThai & all the students who participated:
Adriana Loreley, Carlos Castillo, Christian Blancas, Digeo Canales, Gerardo Otoniel, Joel Flores, Jose Luis de la Riva, Laura Ramos, Marcela González, Roberto Cordova, Roberto Fidalgo, Salvador Hernández, Sofía Barrera, Leticia Castillo.
COMING UP: Workshop for begginers, second time around! Introduction to Videoart by VjThai & Media Selectah @ Museo Marco.Starting on the 7th of august till 18th september 2013.JOIN US!
EVENT and info:
Experimental Video Laboratory LET US PLAY! NEXT workshop by VjThai and Media Selectah. Exploring video with Vj techniques and collective creation. A great opportunity! DON´T MISS IT!More info:
Media Selectah presents
A multimedia performance VJ/DJ with the special participation of local artists,  and as a result of the laboratory LETUSPLAY! a selection of students who participated.
A special night for an Audio Visual Jamming session in the central patio of Escuela Adolfo Prieto, where invited Djs will be spinning the greatest vinyl selection, while a collective experimental video performance is being created in situ through improvisation and play as a creative approach.
With special participation of:

· VjThai VjThai(Roxana Barraza). Direction & Realtime video performance.
· Radha MR. Voice and electronica.
· DjYesca (Ariel Escarcega). Electronic music. 100% vinyl.
· Lechero Pastrana (Carlos Ayala). Electronic music. 100% vinyl.
· Media Selectah. Multimedia installation. 

+A selection of the students that participated in the LETUSPLAY! laboratory. Will be announcing their names soon…

9 to 10 PM. Free Access.
Escuela Adolfo Prieto. Parque Fundidora.

Technology is everywhere. But what do you do with it? .- VjThai
Video as an expression and technology as a tool is the main theme in the next Media Selectah´s WORKSHOP: AN INTRODUCTION TO VIDEOART AND NEW MEDIA! More information:

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