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Audiovisual Theather
contemporary dance_music_live video

The premier took place at the Theater of the Centre of the Arts in Monterrey, México, on July 2009, and we did 2 more presentations on continuos nites.

_Coreography & Intepretation by
Seme Jatib and Radha Murillo
_Live Video Performance
VJ Thai (Roxana Thay Barraza)*
Ángel Sánchez and Dr. Ruddz
_Live Mezzosoprano
Radha Murillo
_Live Accordion
Juan Pedro López Ramos

*Special guest

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LIVE PERFORMANCE_Palabras al Viento/Audiovisual Theather

Here is a video recording extract by a member of the public present at
IN SPITE OF … (fragment)  - Live Cinema and Contemporary Dance
presented at the EMDC (Encuentro Metropolitano de Danza Contemporánea)
in the Teatro de la ciudad de Monterrey, México. May 2012.

Interpretation and Coreography_
Radha Murillo / Singer and Dancer

Live Cinema
Vj Thai (Roxana T. Barraza) / Multimedia artist

Projection design and Realization 
Media Selectah

Enrique Camacho

More info of EMDC:

Live recording thanks to:  Bethsaida Aime

MUTATIONS (excerpt 02)_ Audiovisual Concert. Live Cinema. Multimedia Performance. from Vj Thai (Roxana T. Barraza) on Vimeo.

I just added 3 excerpts of NEW LIVE VIDEO recordings from
MUTATIONS_Audiovisual Concert. Live Cinema. Multimedia Performance.
Where Media Selectah developt the Projection Design & Videomapping insitu.

Read about this project and its creative workflow featured at VjThai ´s dossier: 

GRADIVA_Contemporary Dance & Live Cinema. from Vj Thai (Roxana T. Barraza) on Vimeo.

This project is one of VjThai´s and Media Selectah favorite new born multimedia child:

GRADIVA_ Live Cinema and Contemporary dance.

Interpreted by Radha Murillo / singer , dancer.
Live Cinema by VjThai (Roxana T. Barraza )
Music by Murcof. Coreography by Xitlali Piña.
Projection Design and Video Mapping by Media Selectah. 

Now you can watch a VIDEO EXCERPT of the premiere at the Teather of the Center of the Art in Monterrey, México.

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Read about this project and its creative workflow featured at VjThai ´s dossier: