Media Selectah ®
2011 was filled with amazing AV & Multimedia projects and realizations,with videos, websites, photography, collaborations, live cinema, workshops, projections, videoremixes, screenings, lectures, installations, videomappings & electronic art festivals.Our VisualAudio journeys were international for the crew at Media Selectah, taking us to Chicago, California, San Antonio and San Salvador. We had great opportunities in México too from Monterrey, Real de Catorce, D.F. and Culiacán.ALL in favor of promoting visual culture, and opening new spaces for video&multimedia to have more presence all over!!We are cultural workers & independent dreamers! It has been many years since we first started sowing the first seeds of this AV REVOLUTION & we are ALL part of it!!
Thank you to each and everyone of you ALL for supporting us in every way!!
May 2012 be what we make of it!! Let us all connect!!Media Selectah2012.
Featuring photograph of LIVE CINEMA In Spite of… @ Little Carver Theater, San Antonio, Texas. Taken by Kevin Hamrick.