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LIVE CINEMA performance by Dj Yesca & Vj Thai

Sistema Local live @ ZONA FORUM 2007. Mty, Mx.

This is one of those great AV moments… I´ve loved this song, & I was almost sure he was gonna play it but didn´t know when? I had the visuals in my synth, all the elements to visualize this musical piece LIVE and it happened. This is the only memory of that AV moment of LIVE CINEMA creation through improvisation, this recording version is called REFLECTED by DjYesca & Vj Thai. This performance had place in ZONA LOUNGE, as part of the FORUM activities in the city of Monterrey. The visuals were seen by a few in 8 proyections of 3x4 distributed around the place. It is an industrial warehouse where the fabric of steel used to be and now there is a park area called Parque Fundidora. The place was transformed for this FORUM event, and it existed only 4 months, 2007.

Ohhh it´s magic, I know!

This is the first VIDEO SAMPLE from FESTIVAL AMOR & PAZ presenting CHICO SONIDO & VJTHAI.

Just a sneak peak of the event which happened in the magic town of REAL DE CATORCE for the first time in the Palenque de Gallos!

Full MUSICAL & TROPICAL special guests where present, NUCUMBIA HISTORY being made by: BN LOCO, CHICO SONIDO, DR.RUDDZ, & DJ YESCA.

Media Selectah specially designed a FULL visual setup & projections 6X for VJTHAI to visualize in realtime all nite!

Curated by Sistema Local. Hosted by Amor & Paz Club Social.

Real time visuals & Live Vj set  

by VjThai (Media Selectah) for 


6X Projection Design by Media Selectah


Electronic Music Festival. First edition. 

REAL DE CATORCE, San Luis Potosí. México.


VIDEO RECORDING by: Ariel Escarcega for Media Selectah.


2013 was filled with amazing multimedia  DIY adventures: video realizations, interventions, projection mappings, multimedia productions, photography sessions, collaborations, workshops, videoremixes, screenings, happennigs, lectures and electronic art festivals.

We are cultural workers & independent dreamers! 

We make things happen, transforming spaces, promoting visual culture and opening new spaces for video & multimedia.

It has been many years since we first started sowing the first seeds of this AV REVOLUTION 
& we are ALL part of it!!

Thank you to each and everyone of you ALL for supporting us in every way!!

May 2014 be what we make of it!! 
Let us all connect!!

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Featuring video fragment of LIVE AV JAM SESSION: LET USPLAY! @ Escuela Adolfo Prieto. Monterrey. México. Featuring DjYesca, VjThai and selected students. Recorded by MAF for Media Selectah.